Website blacklisted by Google or suspended by web host? Our website malware removal service will clean and harden your website

Website Malware Removal

WordPress Security is a critical topic among website owners. With the increasing number of vulnerabilities and attacks that are happening every minute, anyone can be a victim of these breaches—both companies big and small as well as individuals. Our website malware removal service will save you from headaches. We will help you clean and recover your website and apply some security layers to properly secure and harden your WordPress website against hackers and cybercriminals.

What are the 6 Signs that Your Site is Hacked?


Weird Popups like Ads

One sign that a hacker has compromised your website if your visitors see popups that redirect them to a malicious website. The purpose of this type of attack is to drive traffic away from your site to the attacker’s site so they can target users with click fraud for Pay Per Click advertising.

Email form Google

Google is continuously checking up on the websites they are displaying. So if they see unusual patterns or noteworthy changes, they may exclude your website from being shown in search results. In some cases they just put a flag on your links saying “This site may be hacked” or “This site may harm your computer”.


Notification from Your Hosting Provider

You’ll not notice that you’ve been hacked — however, your provider will know! Either they have been contacted by your customers or they have their own IT security service monitoring all the websites provided. They will take down your site without prior warning. This will tarnish your reputation.

You Can't Login

If you are unable to log into your WordPress site, even after a password reset, it may be a serious sign of infection. The first thing the hacker will do is delete your admin account. Above all, the attacker will have full control of your site which is very frightening.

Incredibly Slow Site

If you feel like your website is taking unusually long to load this might be because of higher activity on the site or the whole server. Malware could be using your server’s resources, so if your website takes twice as long to load than usual, you might be a serious sign that your site is being compromised.


Unusual File Changes

If files on your website have been changed, added or removed, it could be a sign that your site has been attacked. That’s why it is essential to have a notification system in place to alert you of website file changes. Investigating this kind of attack will take a toll on your precious time.

What Will You Get from Our Malware Removal Service?

Fast Reliable Service

You’ll get a malware-free website within 3 to 5 days.

Full Clean Up

Full hack and malware clean-up. No page limit.

Hardened WordPress Website

We’ll enforce advanced techniques to harden your WordPress websites against malware

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